Keeping my bedroom neat

Keeping my bedroom neat

4 Reasons Wingback Chairs Are Ideal for Older Users

by Vincent Howell

It's natural for older people to spend more time off their feet than others, but all that time sitting can become a problem if the wrong type of chair is used. For the elderly, some types of chairs will work better than others, and the wingback chair is one of the most popular options.

You're probably already familiar with wingback chairs, which are sometimes known as 'fireside chairs'. They have 'wings' fitted along the backrest of the chair, and the backrest goes right up behind the head. They can be comfortable for anyone, but they offer several particularly compelling benefits for the elderly.

Here are just four.

1. Upper Body Support

Many types of chairs provide plenty of lower-body support without providing much in the way of upper-body support. This is because they don't go up all the way at the back, so when you lean your head back there's nothing to meet it. This can be a problem with older people since they typically require greater head, neck, and shoulder support than younger people. Wingback chairs provide it since the backrest extends above the head.

2. Heat Retention

The reason wingback chairs are sometimes called 'fireside chairs' is that they are made to capture heat. Positioned opposite a fire, the wings would reflect heat back into the centre of the chair and help eliminate draughts. Even if you aren't next to a fire, the ability of a wingback chair to retain body heat and protect the user from draughts is ideal for the elderly since they tend to have a harder time staying warm and suffer more in the cold.

3. Posture Support

One problem with many types of armchairs is that they encourage the body to sink down too deeply, which isn't great for posture. However, wingback chairs combine the comfort of other armchairs with a shape that helps maintain good posture. They hold the back straight and help keep the legs bent properly with feet on the floor. This reduces the risk of stiff muscles and prevents too much stress from being placed on one part of the body.

4. Easy to Get Up and Down

It can become harder to get out of an armchair as the body gets older, and older users need to be more careful as they sit down to prevent placing any undue stress on their bodies. Wingback chairs can help since they have long handgrips that are ideal for holding onto as you lift yourself up or lower yourself down. 

For more info about aged care chairs, contact a local company. 


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