Keeping my bedroom neat

Keeping my bedroom neat

3 Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Concrete Furniture From Bad Weather

by Vincent Howell

There are different types of concrete items that you can add to your garden. Some of these include concrete statues and furniture. Concrete furniture items have a benefit over the conventional plastic items because they are permanent and easy to maintain. However, the constant exposure to the weather will eventually have an effect on the furniture, which will lead to cracking of the concrete surface. Based on this, below are ways that you can protect your outdoor furniture from damage due to weather elements such as rain and snow.

Cover items to protect them from the weather elements

Most of the damage to concrete occurs when it comes into contact with snow or water. As such, if you can create a barrier that prevents the concrete furniture from coming into contact with these things, you can prevent damage. The most effective ways of doing this is by using a portable shed or waterproof covers. In both these cases, the shed or the cover will be put over the concrete furniture when it is raining or it is snowing. Once the weather conditions improve, both the cover and the shed can be removed and you can use your concrete furniture.

Use of concrete sealers

You can also use concrete sealers to protect your furniture from harsh weather elements. In this case, you will purchase a concrete sealer and apply it all over your furniture. This should be done during dry weather to give the sealer time to adhere to the concrete surface. Using sealers is beneficial in two ways. One is that it creates a barrier that prevents rainwater from getting into contact with the surface of the furniture. In this way, it prevents the growth of mold which occurs when concrete becomes moist. Secondly, the sealer prevents the concrete from cracking during the extremely cold winter season.

Use porous material at the base of the furniture

Water poses the greatest threat to concrete furniture, since absorption of water will cause your furniture to crack. You should, therefore, take precautionary steps to ensure that any water that touches the concrete furniture drains away easily. This can be achieved by only using porous material at the base of the furniture to facilitate easy drainage. An example of a material that can be used is gravel, which is porous and does not retain any water around the base of your concrete furniture. It will, therefore, guarantee that your furniture remains dry at all times.


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