Keeping my bedroom neat

Keeping my bedroom neat

The Pros and Cons of Different Materials for Outdoor Furniture

by Vincent Howell

When selecting outdoor furniture, you want to look past the style and note the material from which it's made. Even the most attractive furniture can be a poor investment if the material starts to rust or otherwise corrode, fade in sunlight, or if it breaks very easily. Since every material will have its own pros and cons, note a few factors about each so you know the best choice for your home's deck or patio.


Metal can be a good choice for when you cook outdoors; dropping a hot utensil on metal isn't likely to damage it, and food stains are usually very easy to clean. Aluminum furniture is lightweight and so easier to move around, but its lighter weight may make aluminum pieces easier to dent or ding; steel is much stronger, but note that steel can rust or corrode. You need to ensure the steel is powder coated or otherwise treated to keep it from rusting, and you may still want to store steel furniture indoors during storms to reduce the risk of rust. Note, too, that metal can be very hot in direct sunlight, so it may not be good for uncovered decks and patios.


PVC furniture is very durable and doesn't rust or corrode; it's also lightweight, so it's easy to move. However, it can be difficult to change the color of PVC furniture over time; you can't just spray paint it as you can metal or wood. PVC may also get damaged by sharp objects or hot pieces such as cooking utensils, and the plastic material can actually soften when left in direct sunlight.


Wood furniture can be repainted or stained if you want to change its look over time. However, different varieties of wood will vary as to its durability and needed maintenance. Wicker is very soft, so it may tend to sag and bend after a few years. Cedar and redwood are very strong varieties of wood, but they can still get damaged with sharp or hot objects such as cooking utensils, and you need to ensure both varieties of wood are coated and sealed every year to keep out mold, mildew, and insects.

Teak is a very durable variety of wood that is also lightweight; because of its density, it may be harder to chip or otherwise damage teak than other varieties of wood. Note that teak does fade over time and, while some people like the look of aged teak furniture, you may need to have it restored on occasion to bring back its natural color.

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Keeping my bedroom neat

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