Keeping my bedroom neat

Keeping my bedroom neat

4 Effective Tips to Help You Paint Seagrass Furniture After Repairing It

by Vincent Howell

Many people may wish to prolong the life of seagrass furniture by painting it. However, some people may be unsure about how to paint this type of furniture because of its small strands. This article discusses some tips that will help you to paint your seagrass furniture after you have repaired a tear in its woven pattern.

Use the Right Brush

It is necessary to scrape off any remaining paint before you repaint your seagrass furniture. However, not every wire brush that you can find will be appropriate for this task. You should select a brass brush to prepare the seagrass for painting. A soft wire brush may also work in case you cannot find the brass brush at your local hardware store. Any hard brush will damage the furniture as you try to remove the flaking paint.

Always Use a Primer

It is always advisable to apply two coats of an oil-based wood primer on the seagrass furniture before you start painting it. This primer serves two important functions. First, it helps to create a soft surface onto which the paint coat will adhere. Secondly, the primer saves you from using a lot of paint during the repainting project. The seagrass is capable of absorbing a lot of paint before the paint is able to show on the surface of the furniture. The primer reduces how much paint would be lost during that absorption process.

Use Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is very good for painting your seagrass furniture for several reasons. First, oil-based paint remains flexible for its entire service life. This is important because the strands of the seagrass furniture aren't rigid. Secondly, oil-based paint easily adheres onto the seagrass. This helps to make the furniture to have a uniform appearance after you have repaired and painted it.

Use a Spray Booth

The best way to paint seagrass furniture is to spray paint it. However, this method can make the exercise to become very expensive due to the amount of paint that is lost in over-spray (paint blown away by the wind). You can reduce this loss of paint by making an improvised spray booth using a cardboard box from which an appliance was delivered to your home. This improvised booth will shield the furniture from wind so that less paint is lost.

Follow the tips above and your seagrass furniture will look attractive for several years to come after you apply the paint once the seagrass repairs are completed.


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Keeping my bedroom neat

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